What is Machaca?

The History of Machaca

Machaca has been a latin delicacy for centuries. It was originally used by cowboys and ranchers in Northern Mexico to eat on journeys or during a hard day out on the ranch. It was mixed with eggs or just eaten strait dried. It provided them with a healthy meal stacked with protein and energy. 

What is Machaca?

Machaca or Machacado is dried beef seasoned with salt and left to dehydrate for several hours. This allows for the machaca to be rehydrated and cooked into delicious meals like Machacado con Huevo, Flautas, Tamales, Caldillo, and Machaca Guisada. 


What makes Machaca so delicious?

The great thing about Machaca is that it is a more than 95% lean when cooked correctly. This mixed with being dried allows for the Machaca to absorb what it is being cooked with. A similar thing you will see when cooking with Machaca is that it is usually sautéed in tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, etc. This fills the Machaca with juicy and delicious flavors that all come together in delicious meals. 


A little about our Machaca

Machaca Dona Blanca has always had quality in mind when it comes to our product. Just like our Abuela Blanca taught us that when we do something it is better to do it with quality and passion in mind rather than expedience. Because of this we only cook our Machaca with high quality USDA meats and Kosher Sea Salt from the shores of Northern California. That is it. There are no additives or chemicals in our Carne Seca of any kind. We are proud of the product we have created for you and we hope you give it a try!